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❝you are my sweetest downfall.❞

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the name is sorano. aka karli-li. the Misuzu Kamio of LiveJournal. sixteen years old. canadian. graphics designer. music whore. typical animanga dork. CAPS LOCK ABUSER. keyboard attackeraskjdfkdkj;sfg. random. weird. crazed. does it for the lulz. vegetables are gross. pizza ftw. dinosaurs are damn shizzling awesome. probably the coolest loser you'll ever meet. kthxbai. ★☆if you wanna be friends, please don't be shy, just get your arse over here & comment!

AIR TV. tales of. bleach. code geass: lelouch of the rebellion. tengen toppa gurren-lagann. the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. fullmetal alchemist. romeo x juliet. death note. shakugan no shana. lucky☆star. ouran koukou host club. dnangel. chobits. final fantasy. kingdom hearts. cardcaptor sakura. vampire knight. chrono crusade. eureka seven. eternal sonata. gundam seed/destiny. d.gray-man. inuyasha. fruits basket. kanon. pita-ten. tsubasa rc. twilight. harry potter.

★PARAMORE★ red hot chili peppers. the mars volta. rise against. rage against the machine. muse. led zeppelin. metallica. billy talent. green day. alexisonfire. boys like girls. the red jumpsuit apparatus. the maine. children of bodom. linkin park. three days grace. van halen. snow patrol. ac/dc. faber drive. abingdon boys school. access. alice nine. aqua timez. asian kung-fu generation. day after tomorrow. yui. high and mighty color. do as infinity. utada hikaru. nightmare. nirgilis. uverworld. inspirations! hayley williams. michelle branch. sara bareilles.

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